Woodstock Boatbuilders specialize in the latest technology in their composite shop at Dockyard Drive, English Harbour, Antigua. As composite technology advances and material composites increase in popularity and use, Woodstock Boatbuilders’ composite shop makes sure that it stays on the cutting edge of the high modulus composite revolution, so that it can ensure its customers get the best the industry has to offer.

Woodstock Boatbuilders are fully experienced in the selection and use of modern cloths and resins including Carbon fiber, Kevlar, grade one fire depressant resins (for exhausts), epoxy/vinyl-ester resins and vacuum bagging techniques.

Whether it is a repair to your boom, mast, hull or another project such as the creation of new components, for example steering wheels, spray dodgers or Biminis, your first port of call should be the skilled craftsmen at Woodstock Boatbuilders.