Woodstock Boatbuilders pride themselves on their design capabilities, frequently working one-on-one with yacht owners and captains on design concepts for their vessels.

The ships wheel (above) is an example of our commitment to the complete design cycle. This project was taken from the initial drawing stage on Auto-CAD through mock-ups all to production, which included having the metalwork cupronickel plated before final assembly and twelve coats of Antigua's famous varnish application and finally the fitting of the wheel on J Class Shamrock V.

When it comes to marine design, every department at Woodstock Boatbuilders benefits from experience at sea. From the functional - a new air filtration system for the galley to the structural - reinforcement to a bulkhead and to the aesthetic - custom stainless fabrications or hardwood cabinetry - our designs are seaworthy and functional. We are particularly well versed in sea stowage solutions from the engine room to the Bridge.

If you have a design project you would like to discuss, contact Woodstock Boatbuilders where you can speak to highly specialized and experienced craftsmen who can take your ideas and make them a reality onboard.