Woodstock Boatbuilders are agents for TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS® a North American manufacturer of pre-assembled and pre-trimmed custom-built teak decks and interior flooring for yachts.

The concept for pre-assembled teak decks in modular form was brought by Teak-decking Systems from Sweden to North America in 1983. The system works by an accurate template being created of the deck to be replaced, or the area to be decked. The template is then sent to the factory where the teak decks are pre-assembled before being transported back to the vessel’s location to be permanently installed in large sections. Exterior decks of all sizes can be built with straight planks or planks swept to match the shape of the deck.

We are experts in laying decks, replacing individual planks, re-furbishing and sanding complete decks and always only ever use top quality, tight grain, FEQ quarter sawn Burmese teak sourced from reputable suppliers In the USA.

Whether we hand lay a deck or use prefabricated panels from TDS we always use TDS fitting and fairing epoxy to bond the teak to the deck and TDS SIS 440 teak deck caulk to caulk the seams.

Whether your project involves replacing an entire existing teak deck, just a few planks or a makeover, we at Woodstock have decades of experience in teak decks from 40’to well over 140’using simply the best teak and products available anywhere in the World.


Marlene F Oyster 67 new teak deck fabricated by Woodstock at our workshops. We fabricated teak deck panels in our workshops for the smaller areas, whilst the larger areas were ring ‘stick’ laid/fitted individually. We used TDS fitting and fairing epoxy to bond the team to the fibreglass deck and caulked the seams with TDS SIS-440 deck caulk After the new deck Jim even delivered the boat to the Mediterranean for the owner.