Woodstock Boatbuilders’ years of experience in marine painting and refinishing has made us the most dependable, quality paint-service in Antigua. Woodstock’s painters specialize in applying a range of marine paint products including ‘Awl-grip’, ‘Sterling’ and ‘International’ all of which ensure a great finish to your paint job.

Woodstock Boatbuilders work on all types of painting projects, such as complete yacht re-painting, painting of superstructure, spar components and transoms, engines and superstructure re-finishing prior to new teak decks being laid.

The painters at Woodstock Boatbuilders pride themselves in the quality of their workmanship with meticulous surface preparation and application techniques that guaranteed a beautiful hard-wearing finish to any boat.

We have a dedicated room at our workshop for sand-blasting metal components, the best known preparation for the initial primer coat. Following this, a perfect finish is achieved in our sealed spray booth to ensure a dust-free top coat.